IRPC May 2015 Conference - "ExSact – A Break-through Technology for Producing High-Octane Alkylate" by Mitrajit Mukherjee Exelus & Gautham Krishnaiah, KBR

HOUSTON - May 28, 2015 - KBR Inc. (NYSE: KBR) announced today that it has signed an alliance agreement with Exelus Inc., a leading developer of green chemical technologies, to allow KBR to exclusively license Exelus' Solid Acid Catalyst (ExSact) for KBR's Solid Acid Alkylation Technology (K-SAAT)

ERTC November 2015 Conference - "High-Octane Alkylate from Unconventional Feed-stocks", by Mitrajit Mukherjee

Fairfield, NJ - November 23 2015 - Exelus, Inc. today announced that it has developed M2Alk, a step-out process for the production of alkylate (a high-octane gasoline blendstock) from natural gas derived feedstocks: methanol and mixed butanes

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