Exelus is an innovation-driven company whose green technologies enhance peoples’ lives all around the world. Its business relies on its ability to create new cleaner-by-design processes. Exelus strives for depth rather than breadth in its research, focusing on a few marketable inventions that have large potential pay-offs. The strategy is to develop step-out (revolutionary rather than evolutionary) process technologies that have the ability to lower operating expenses by 25% or more over conventional processes

Core Competencies

Exelus’ core competencies include catalyst development, reaction engineering, and chemical process design, each informed by a deep understanding of the fuels, and chemical industries Employees of Exelus have successfully transitioned R&D projects into commercial ventures, which have led to large, profitable markets for the companies involved. Exelus relies on that experience to screen potential ideas that are able to leverage our core competencies into creating new process technologies in areas perceived to have extremely large pay-off potential.

Integrated Approach

New process technologies must address all three aspects of modern fuels & chemicals manufacturing: Economic Viability, Energy Consumption and Environmental Impacts – the E3 criteria. The “integrated approach” pioneered by Exelus, in which the catalyst formulations are co-developed with the reactor design, operating conditions, and overall process configuration leads to breakthrough technologies that meet the E3 criteria in a simple, practical way.


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