Natural Gas Monetization

 Converting methane (the largest component of natural gas) to methanol is a well-established method for monetizing methane. Exelus is developing technologies that convert methanol and iso-butane (NGL component) to either high-octane alkylate or important chemicals such as Benzene, Toluene and Xylenes (BTX) and light olefins such as ethylene, propylene and butenes

 Clean Fuels & Petrochemicals

 ExSact is a breakthrough solid-acid technology that produces high-octane alkylate from a variety of feedstocks including FCC olefins, MTBE raffinate, FCC off-gas or olefins derived from natural gas or biomass. The ExSyM process reacts toluene and methanol to produce styrene in a single step using a zeolite-based catalyst.


 “Bio-naphtha” is a paraffinic hydrocarbon similar to fossil-based light naphtha produced from lignocellulosic feeds which can be converted in a conventional refinery or petrochemical complex into fuels or high volume commodity chemicals.

Bio-Alkylate is a high-octane gasoline blendstock obtained from hydrous ethanol and isobutane. Triglycerides or free fatty acids derived from algae or vegetable oils are converted to Bio-Jet fuel under mild reaction conditions

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