Process Technologies

From refining to bio-fuels, Exelus tackles some of the most challenging problems facing industrial catalysis today. These efforts have led to breakthrough technologies for clean fuels and chemicals production. Using both conventional and novel feedstocks, Exelus leads the way towards a clean and sustainable future without sacrificing on performance or cost.

ExSactClean Fuels

Exelus has developed technologies to make clean fuels from natural gas, petroleum and biomass ExSact is a unique solid acid catalyzed isoparaffin alkylation technology that converts light olefins to high-octane alkylate. M2Alk is a recently developed technology that combines methanol and butanes to produce high-octane alkylate.   more...



 ExSyM is a breakthrough, low cost styrene monomer production technology based on new chemistry. The ExFlex process converts methanol and butanes to either light olefins or BTX-aromatics.   more...


Biomass to Fuels & Chemicals

Ligno-cellulosic biomass can be converted to  light paraffinic naphtha at yields greater than 100 gal/ton dry biomass via the B2Naphtha process. The Bio-Alkylate process converts hydrous ethanol and butanes to a drop-in hydrocarbon fuels that is identical to petroleum derived alkylate. The Bio-jet fuel process converts triglycerides to into jet-fuel range iso-paraffins which meet standard jet fuel specifications (Jet A-1 or JP-8) using a multi-functional catalyst   more…

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